The second half of the '80s. This was a decade marked by the rise in tension between the American and Russian blocks in the Cold Wars, the fall of the Berlin Wall. Thirty years have passed since the historical events which dramatically changed the cultural scene of the Soviet Union forever. A team of filmmakers decided to carry out their own investigation into the change that was started by one man. It marks the beginning of a chain of incredible events that are hard to believe if you don’t witness them with your own eyes.

Indulis Bilzens – one of the most notable cultural diplomats of the 80 ‘s and 90 ‘s, that stood by the birth of rave culture in Germany and successfully has brought it on the other side of Iron Curtain in the second half of 80 ‘s. His name remains unknown to the masses, isn’t registered in the books of pop culture and has sort of disappeared from the horizon today. However, the activities of Bilzens played a significant part in the beginning of what was a new culture in the time of Soviet regime.

The identity of Bilzens was covered in mystery for all the people in Soviet Union. After the fall of The Berlin Wall in 1989 his influence on the early rave scene was unquestionable. In the late 90’ s suddenly Bilzens disappeared from the scene of rave and cultural area of sight leaving many unanswered questions…The authors of the film with the participation of Soviet rave culture pioneers decided to investigate who was this person and what happened to him..

The first story of the history of the invasion and development of western music and lifestyle in Eastern Europe. How could western culture, forbidden in the recent past, so powerfully break through the ‘iron curtain’ into the lives and mentality of easterners? The story of the film is being told through unique historical archives that accurately characterize the decade of social change and change on the music scene, that creates a round and complete picture of historic events of that time.

Beyond some facts is some untold story, which so far 30 years has not been made public. Story about the man behind this historical invasion. Story about the man who has to stand up for what he believes in. For decades this story was unknown.

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I feel the movie was about a very interesting and changing time for two reasons... both a political turnover as well as a musical revolution. Together, it made for very magical moments.

-- Westbam --

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